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By: Franchesca Hackworth – Communications (Public Relations)

Gone are the days of Maroon 5 as an alternative rock band.

On Nov. 3, Maroon 5 dropped their new album, “Red Pill Blues” exhibiting and solidifying the long-time band’s adaption into pop culture.

There is a lot of respect for musicians who can constantly learn and improve along with the realm of music that changes day after day. Throughout the album the usage of synthesizers and producers gives a club feel to their newest album.

I first became a lover of Maroon 5 when I listened to their 2002 album, “Songs About Jane.” The album was expansive, and evidently showed usage of each member of the band and their instruments.

Even though this isn’t the same as their old work with an abundance of base and pop tempo, there is no denying that the Adam Levine voice we all know and love is as raw and original as ever.

With that, if you are looking for something to listen to that will get you moving because of it’s undeniable pop culture rhythm and it’s soulful vocals, then definitely check out “Red Pill Blues.”

Notable songs, “Cold” and “Don’t Wanna Know,” also appear on this album.

Red Pill Blues is available for streaming and purchasing on all music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. The 15-song album is Maroon 5’s sixth studio album.

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