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History of WUDR & WVUD

WUDR is the latest chapter in the University of Dayton's rich broadcasting history dating back to the "good old days" of WVUD. Not only are we a musically formatted radio station, but we also are privileged to be able to bring the UD campus several public affairs programs, as well as, selected sports broadcasts including Pioneer league football, Atlantic 10 Volleyball, Men's and Women's Basketball, Men's and Women's Soccer, and baseball.

Our studio was originally located in Kennedy Union, but moved to a new, state-of-the-art studio located at Art Street. It's a real-world experience for everyone at Flyer Radio.

The University of Dayton was a major player in the Dayton broadcasting scene in the 1960s through part of the 80s.  The University launched WVUD (the Voice of the University of Dayton) in 1964. The station was located on campus with the transmitter and 500 foot tower located on Stuart Hill, it was managed by professionals and operated by full-time undergraduate students.

In the 1970s, WVUD was the number one station in the Dayton market for years, using its album oriented rock programming to battle Top 40 station WING.  It was also known as a cutting edge station, on a national level.  

Many people, to this day, remember listening to WVUD.  And you won’t find a more loyal group of alumni than the former WVUD employees.  WVUD was also responsible for launching the career of Dan Patrick, then Dan Pugh.  Patrick has become one of the University’s most famous grads.

The station was sold in 1992.


Support Us!

Help support WUDR by underwriting our programs. As a nonprofit station, WUDR relies on underwriting to provide money for student managers and necessary equipment.  If you’re interested in supporting WUDR radio and its student staff, please contact Patrick Enright for more information at


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