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Selena Gomez Returns as a Stronger Version of Herself

November 10, 2019

Robert Devito 
Contributing Writer


Screen grab of Gomez (cover photo) from YouTube 

Selena Gomez, American singer and actress best known for her role on Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place,” recently released two new singles titled “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now.” 

The songs are speculated to be a ballad of the 27-year-old’s on-and-off-again relationship with Justin Bieber. The duo was first spotted dating at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party in February 2011 before officially calling it quits March 2018. In “Lose You to Love Me,” Gomez has a line about being replaced after just two months, which is how long it took Bieber to move on with his now-wife Hailey Baldwin. Lyrics state, “Then you tore me down and now it’s showing / In two months, you replaced us / Like it was easy.” Bieber and Baldwin were spotted in June 2018 before getting married earlier this year.

Gomez told the “Zach Sang Show,” “You’re in a phase of life where you experience love for the first time and I think that can just be just a little toxic. You have this codependency that you think is love and then you have this addiction to the passion and the frustration with each other that you think, ‘Oh, that’s love,’ or fighting or doing all this stuff, ‘Oh, that’s love,’ and I believed that for a long time.”

While “Lose You to Love Me” is considered by many of Gomez fans to be sad, the singer wants the song to be an anthem. 

Gomez said, “I wanted it to be a declaration of where I am, and hopefully for other people who have experienced what I’ve experienced, just to know that feeling is valid. Hopefully, they can feel peace about that.” 

Gomez also wants her fans to know that she is in a good place with her new music. In “Look at Her Now,” Gomez sings the song in the third person about a woman who “dodged a bullet” after her first love cheated on her. If “Lose You to Love Me” is an emotional ballad, then “Look at Her Now” is the exact opposite. “Lose You to Love Me” was promoted with many black-and-white images, while “Look at Her Now” video is a colorful dance party. Both music videos were shot on the iPhone 11 Pro.

When dropping “Look at Her Now,” Gomez wrote on YouTube, “I was so excited to release two songs back to back and surprise my fans. It’s a reminder that you can rise no matter what challenges life brings.” 

The two songs were released by Interscope Records. “Lose You to Love Me,” is the lead single off Gomez’s upcoming third solo studio album. Her last album, Revival, was released four years ago.

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