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A Seamless Transition From Rap To Gospel In Kanye West’s New Album: ‘Jesus is King’

October 31,2019 

Cassidy Kylin

Contributing Writer

Kanye West is one of the most controversial artists of our generation, which can be seen in his latest album, “Jesus is King.” He has pushed many boundaries in the music and fashion industries and has found success in anything he creates.

West began singing gospel through his Sunday Service choir in early January 2019. In these services, Kanye would produce music that worship God and Jesus with his friends and family. West’s Sunday Service choir came to Dayton in August. 

There were many skeptics saying he needed to stick with what he knows – rap music. But West saw a new path for his career and has made transformative decisions that have led him to a life of God above everything.


It is only right that his next album would pay tribute to his new way of life. More often than not, it is difficult for artists to make the transition to a new genre of music so seamlessly but, like most things Kanye West does, he exceeded all of our expectations with “Jesus is King” and has created another masterpiece. 

To think that an American rapper wrote a gospel album, you would most likely question how he could stay true to the voice we have come to know with his other music. West has stayed true to himself with this new album. Listeners can feel Kanye in each word sung. His presence in the music is undeniable, just like any previous Kanye song.

But is this new album truly gospel music? Absolutely yes. There is no doubt in my mind. Although this is still rap, West’s message has completely changed. He utilizes a gospel choir to help give his new music that spiritual power that can uplift anyone who gives it a chance.

West gives us a look into the journey he has undergone and shows how he has changed through God. “Hands On” specifically explains this journey to God.

In this song, West explains the criticism he received from other Christians, but he didn’t let that discourage him as he made his way down this new path.

His new music not only shows his transformation, but it allows us to transform with him. The way he approaches gospel in this album is unlike any gospel music created thus far; it brings a new audience and new experience to gospel music. By sharing his journey in this matter, West is able to connect to others who have been through similar experiences and show how you can find your way back to God whenever you’re ready.

Kanye West has accomplished many things in his life, but this combination of rap and gospel music shows how artistically talented he is. He felt a passion for this type of music and was able to build an audience for it. He makes it clear that this album is made for anyone and everyone, from family to friends, anyone can relate and find pleasure in “Jesus is King.”  

Cover photo courtesy of Flickr  

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